SellingPoint Consult Sales-Konzepte

Sales Concepts

Selling Point Consult is your competent service and consulting partners for sales and marketing.

My knowledge, experience, creativity and flexibility provide you with long-term support to achieve your sales goals. Before I take on a contract, your requirements are discussed in detail.

I determine your target customer´s requirements and define the sales objectives and how we can implement them.

We have been working successfully with our customers for almost 10 years. This is both an incentive and a challenge for us. Various certifications (for example, Offensive Mittelstand,  KFW-Berater, Wirtschaftsförderung der BAFA, Gründer Coaching KFW, Exportberater IHK) characterize the expertise of Selling Point Consult.

We provide support to you as a strong partner in all operational performance!

Andreas Kreikle, SellingPoint Consult